Strategy Consulting

Market Entry Strategy

Which part of the market could I win?

Go to Market Strategy

How could I win the market?

User Strategy

What am I promising the user? How do I deliver it?

Competitive strategy

How could I dominate my competitors?

Buy/build/partner strategy

What’s the best way I could deliver?

Investment/M&A strategy

Where should I place my bets?

Roadmap Review

Does your roadmap go anywhere?

Product/Market Fit Review

Do users want your product?

Sales Pitch Review

Do users understand your pitch?

Advisory Board

Board Adviser

Accelerating high-growth companies to the next level

Startup Mentor

Leveraging what and who we know for world-beaters

Digi-Capital's strategy consulting brought an outside perspective which transformed my management team. My execs went from 'what can these guys teach us?' to 'how can we implement a new strategy?' in the first meeting. Most consultants give me their opinions, but Digi-Capital gives us solid data, analytics and global relationships

  • Rod Cousens
  • CEO Jagex/Codemasters

Cubic Motion appointed Digi-Capital’s Tim Merel to its Advisory Board to leverage the firm’s knowledge and relationships, accelerating our computer vision and real-time facial animation business across AR, VR and XR more broadly

  • Andy Wood
  • Chairman Cubic Motion

Digi-Capital helped us from the early days, whether mentoring me or building relationships in China, Japan and the US – they added value every step of the way

  • Ben Vu
  • CEO SkyVu

I've known Digi-Capital Founder Tim Merel for 20 years since working together at NewsCorp in New York. Tim is incredibly connected and knowledgeable. He's both mission focused and generous with his time for established players and startups

  • Ben Feder
  • President International Partnerships Tencent

Insightful, connected, pioneering - that's what Digi-Capital is

  • Jussi Laakkonen
  • Founder Applifier

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