Augmented/Virtual Reality Report
Q4 2018

Augmented/Virtual Reality market analysis and forecasts from 2017 to 2022 for mobile AR, smartglasses, premium/standalone VR and mobile/standalone VR, including industry dynamics, market segmentation, platform sales, platform installed bases, platform revenue, sector revenue, ARPU, app store categories revenue (IAP/premium), eCommerce categories sales, advertiser industries adspend, enterprise industry sectors revenue, country revenue, regional revenue, competitive analysis, platform technical benchmarks, startup investments/VC investors/M&As, VC interviews, and 900+ company overviews across all 28 AR/VR categories

300 page report

Augmented/Virtual Reality Report Q4 2018


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Games Report Q4 2018

Games market analysis and forecasts from 2017 to 2022 for all games sectors, platforms, countries and regions, including AR games, console games (digital sales), console games (online), console games (physical sales), console games hardware, eSports, games advertising, mobile games, PC games (digital sales), PC games (online), PC games (physical sales), PC games hardware, VR games, VR hardware, web games, startup investments/VC investors/M&As/IPOs (includes bundled sectors, platforms, countries and regions forecasts and 2,300+ deals)

224 page report

Games Report Q4 2018


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As Meta built its strategy, we've always relied on Digi-Capital’s AR/VR/XR data, analytics and reports. They’ve influenced our next steps ever since the early days

  • Meron Gribetz
  • CEO
  • Meta

Digi-Capital’s Analytics Platform, reports and thought leadership are pivotal for AR/VR/XR – they’re the reference point for the entire industry

  • Matt Miesnieks
  • CEO
  • Partner Super Ventures

Nestlé is the world’s largest food and beverage company, and we rely on Digi-Capital's comprehensive Augmented/Virtual Reality Report to help guide our global AR/VR innovation roadmap

  • Mark Brodeur
  • VP Digital Innovation
  • Nestlé

ODG is set to target consumer augmented reality, after making AR glasses for NASA, the US military and BMW. Digi-Capital gave us insights with their deep industry knowledge and foresight, accelerating even our road map. I suspect we’re not alone - they seem to know everyone

  • Ralph Osterhout
  • CEO
  • ODG

I’ve always been a fan of Digi-Capital's augmented/virtual reality expertise, very detailed work and crystal-clear conclusions, as well as their passion for the industry. They're a pace-maker for AR/VR globally

  • Felix Roeken
  • VP Corp Dev
  • Microsoft/Havok

Insightful, connected, pioneering - that's what Digi-Capital is

  • Jussi Laakkonen
  • Founder
  • Applifier

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Our approach is primarily bottom up, combined with a market thesis based on knowledge and relationships across the industry at all levels. Direct feedback from customers is at the heart of how we innovate.

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We have decades of experience from industry, investment banking, strategy consulting, accounting, data analysis and quantitative/qualitative market research. We like facts and numbers a lot.

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